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Vicinity RFID Solutions bring 15+ years of proven systems integration expertise in real-time automation at scale across 17+ Industries with a 100% track record.

UHF RFID-based automation experts

Vicinity RFID™ Solutions Ltd. is a specialist UHF-RFID Engineering company, now in the UK. Our focus is to deliver commercially viable RFID solutions that solve complex business problems. Our applications have been scientifically engineered and have been successfully deployed in some of the harshest industrial environments. We work closely with our customers to understand their business needs before developing comprehensive, personalised and bespoke UHF-RFID solutions.

As leading UHF-RFID based automation experts, we bring a wealth of 15 years of experience across 17 Industries in the Indian sub-continent. Our UK presence is aimed at leveraging this experience to benefit our customers in the UK, EU and RoW. We are committed to the idea, that what we do, has a transformational impact on our customer's business efficiencies and quality of work-life for their employees.

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Vicinity RFID™ specialise in UHF-RFID technology. Our best-in-class proprietary AGILE RFID™ middleware offers us a 100% success through a seamless systems integration between your business resources/ assets and UHF RFID tags, RFID readers, antennas and your mission-critical systems.

Being completely agnostic to the choice of Cloud environments (AWS/Azure/VPC On-premise/ Google), we provide a complete and secure solution. We also help you get the best-of-breed hardware technology and accessories through our agnostic partnership with Vendors to ensure they are reliable and supported.

Our approach is one that gives you the best chance of achieving overall operational and business excellence at the least risk and optimal investment.

Our bespoke UHF-RFID applications generate a significant volume of real-time operational data at the asset level. We help you harness the power of this data to support your critical decisions through our intelligent AI framework. With Vicinity's technology platform, you can be assured of a complete solution that achieves your strategic business goals, growth, profitability rapid RoI and lowest TCO.

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Our UHF-RFID Solutions

Our philosophy for automation is focused on mundane repeatable business processes that need to be accurate with zero human error at all times. With more and more businesses reliant solely on consistency, reliability, precision and speed - automation is but a natural choice. And we believe that the applications and possibilities of UHF-RFID are only limited by imagination.

With Vicinity's best-in-class middleware software - AGILE RFID™, our solutions can interface with a wide range of hardware and technologies that are deployed across any industry. We provide real-time automation solutions through seamless systems integration to your own internal mission-critical applications. We have the best solution to deliver your business KPIs at the lowest risk, cost and time while guaranteeing you a fast RoI and low TCO.

At Vicinity RFID Solutions, we strive to transform the power of our combined imagination into your success. Call us to find out how we can deliver exceptional UHF-RFID solutions that bring new levels of efficiency, accuracy and productivity to your organisation.

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Vicinity RFID™ Solutions end-to-end service life-cycle consists of:

1. UHF RFID Consultancy, design, analysis, solution architecture and management

2. Business case development

3. Smart-sourcing of UHF RFID hardware and personalised tags ( with the right form factor depending on your business scenario)

4. Licensing our own world-class proprietary middleware software - AGILERFID™ and edgeware

5. Bespoke application development (application profile blades) on our middleware

6. API and device spoke development and end-to-end system integration to your mission-critical applications (ERP/CRM/SCM)

7. End-user training

8. System testing, Integration Testing and UAT for the RFID solution

9.Deployment (on-premise/ Cloud)

10. Ongoing support

11. Artificial intelligence-enabled analytics and dashboards to ingest the data for insightful and predictive decision making

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Find out more about the 17+ Industries ( and still counting) we've worked on over the past 15 years helping 50+ blue-chip clients to transform their business. Our solution churns huge volumes of tamper-proof data on the count, location, status, condition and history of any business asset, product or resource. From Manufacturing to Retail and everything in between - we can rapidly deliver an end to end solution tailored to address your specific business challenges and deliver on your KPIs. The industry agnostic Vicinity AGILE RFID™ middleware platform for automated data capture, big data analytics and decision support, is ideal for businesses that have the following limitations

1. Counting stock audit and reconciliation of large volumes of assets / business resources on a daily basis through manual/ semi-automatic (barcode) means

2. Have a serious demand fulfilment issue due to inaccurate stock levels in their systems vis-a-vis actual inventory in their warehouses which impacts production planning.

3. Significant time, resource, cost and manual effort consumed in mundane tasks such as manual counting and stock reconciliation.

4. Inability to track and trace real-time flow of raw materials received and finished goods dispatched across their supply-chain ecosystem

5. Lack of the right technology to monitor temperature and condition of goods that require specialised logistics

6. Overspend in Capital goods without clear visibility of assets in hand, leading to a poor asset-life-cycle

7. Non-compliance issues in statutory external audits on assets and stock leading to penalties and reputation/credibility issues.

Vicinity RFID has the breadth and depth of RFID engineering gained over the years through 17+ industries ( and still counting)

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The Vicinity RFID™ Story This Far

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UHF RFID-based automation experts with 15 years of dedication

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Why us?

D3T™ – Our Proven Delivery Model



Through a few consultation sessions and site surveys (if required), we get to know your demands and difficulties in depth. The solution design blueprint is created based on the as-is situation and an understanding of your business KPIs and strategic outcomes you wish to achieve.



In this phase, we source the tags and hardware on your behalf at the best prices from our strategic partners. We then develop your bespoke UHF-RFID application/s (application profile blades). Next, we deploy the instance of Agile RFID Middleware on-premise or Cloud and configure it with the right business rules that will remove all bottlenecks in your mission-critical business processes.APIs are developed as necessary.



In this phase, we perform end-to-end system integration in your production environment, system, integration testing and UAT. In parallel, we also conduct end-user training (train-the-trainer). Next, we deploy your bespoke UHF-RFID systems and solutions, monitor their performance and initiate ongoing support and maintenance.



We baseline key performance metrics and measure these KPIs after the deployment. We also work with you to measure other business benefits and insights into the cost and time benefits improvement as a result of our UHF-RFID solutions.

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